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Science is a study that extends the horizon of our knowledge in nature. It will lead to a leap in the possibilities of humanity.

In the past few thousand years, the human race has found many principles and laws underlying natural phenomena. Research results have led to the prediction and discovery of new phenomena, development of new research methods, and have also promoted the development of the applied sciences. Quests for scientific truths in nature are endless. The root of such efforts is mankind’s intense curiosity, and mysteries that evoke curiosity are everywhere around us. The School of Science aims to develop human resources who are sparked by curiosity and will contribute to the development of the natural sciences.

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Department of Mathematics
Language of mathematical phenomena behind everything

In the video you see a graph emerging from the railway route map and an equation describing diffusion of milk. They are both mathematical objects obtained by abstraction of scenes in our daily life. Department of Mathematics and Graduate School of Mathematics conduct a broad range of research in pure and applied mathematics.


Department of Physics
Science reveals the essence of entities

The Physics Department is researching to reveal the essence of the material structure of various layers. Specifically, we are conducting research on elementary particles such as Higgs particles, dark energy, and dark matter, research on physical properties such as superconductivity mechanism and spintronics, research on biophysics such as life birth and neurotransmission mechanism, research on the universe by theory and observation with electromagnetic waves and gravitational waves.


Department of Chemistry
Science explores materials and creates new ones

Chemistry is the science of discovering universal principles and creating new substances by exploring the substance experimentally or theoretically at the atomic and molecular level. Chemistry makes it possible to solve important problems in society, such as the environment, energy and medicine.。


Department of Biological Science
Science is the study of the rules governing living things.

The development of molecular biological methods and cross-sectorial research strategies has enabled an integrated understanding and prediction of biological phenomena. At the same time, in the department of biology, there is a tradition that encourages students to think independently and advance their research freely.


Department of Earth and Planetary Science
Science to understand environments surrounding us

Targets of earth and planetary sciences are everything composing Earth and planets. Broad knowledge and technique are employed to clarify the secrets behind Earth and planets. We are extremely welcome those who are interested in a wide range of subjects.

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